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Important Notice

Information/complaints have been shared with our Unit recently that some private organizations and individuals have been contacted by using the name/logo of our Unit, indicating that they have been contacted to receive funding under various grant, infrastructure and investment programs.

In addition, it has been reported that the site located at is engaged in fraudulent activities by imitating the website of our Unit.
When the shared information is examined, we would like to express that this information made by the third parties using the name/logo of our Unit does not reflect the truth.
Announcements regarding all tenders conducted by our Unit are announced on the website of our Unit ( or
Tender announcements can also be made on the website of the European Union General Directorate for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO) (…) can be reached. We do not have any calls for tenders announced at any address other than these addresses.
Our Unit carries out all of its activities from the building located in the Ministry of Treasury and Finance Emek Campus in Ankara, and the Unit does not have any provincial or abroad organizations or branches.
In all tenders conducted by our unit, the tenderers/applicants are contacted with the procedures announced in the tender announcements.
No prepayment/advance payments are requested from the persons/organizations that would apply for the tenders.
Individuals pretending to be employees of our Unit and offer to assist in the preparation of proposals are impostors which have no connection with our Unit and have no right to represent or speak on behalf of our Unit.
In line with the legal regulations, the employees of our Unit cannot take part in the preparation of the proposals; does not negotiate with any institution, organization or person on the preparation of proposals.
A criminal complaint has been/will be filed to the relevant Authorities against all persons and organizations who introduce themselves as employees of our Unit and use the name and logo of our Unit without permission.
In case of suspicious actions in which the name and logo of our Unit are used, you can file a criminal complaint to the law enforcement or prosecutor's offices, and regarding the suspicious e-mails and websites, you can contact our Unit via
Respectfully announced to the public. 
Disclaimer of Liability: It is declared that the Unit is not responsible for the actions of individuals or institutions using portals, websites or e-mail addresses not authorized by the CFCU and cannot be held responsible for direct or indirect damages and losses that may arise from them.