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CFCU operates the website on the web domain names of http://www.cfcu.gov.tr-http://www.mfib.gov.tr; with the purpose of carrying out the tasks assigned with the international agreements and legislation governing the conduct of European Union funded programmes and ensuring access to required information.


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  3. Any information,  announcement and notice relating to programmes, projects and contracts  conducted by the CFCU as the Contracting Authority are published in the format of template tender documents specified by the European Union and all published information, announcement and notices  are effective and valid only for the declared period  and between the time range  specified in the related notice.
  4. Without any notice, CFCU is the only authorized person/institution for making transactions such making amendments, corrections and removal of the information contained in the website at any time and has all rights in this regard.
  5. During the tendering processes; the classified information/content contained in the template documents published by the CFCU in this site and simultaneously published in the related EU procurement notice sites shall be accepted as the only official information. Unless otherwise stated within the content of the officially published tender notices, any information, document or data obtained in another way/method shall not prevail the information, document or data contained in the officially published notices/announcements or invalidate them in any case. Except specified in this item, CFCU does not guarantee that the information and data contained in this website is detailed, complete, authentic and updated.
  6. The information contained in this website does not include professional and legal advice. In this regard, if it is required, it is recommended to consult the experts having sufficient competency.
  7. The documents prepared for the tenders conducted by the CFCU and the language used during the tendering process is English. Therefore, informal official Turkish translations take place in the website are presented for the informative purposes only.
  8. The access to this website, without any prior notice, may be suspended temporarily or permanently.
  9. CFCU takes no responsibility and will not be liable for the information contained in the websites which will be accessed by links located on this site.
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