How to search for details of EU external aid projects ?


1. Select at least one of the project status you are looking for:

  • Forecast: To see projects which are expected to take place but for which no procurement notice or call for proposals has been published (only a pre-information notice is published at this stage).
  • Open: To see projects for which a procurement notice or a call for proposals has been published and for which you can still apply.
  • Closed: To see all projects for which the closing deadline has passed, which allows you to see documents previously published for each closed project (pre-information notice and procurement notice or call for proposals) as well as shortlist (if applicable) and contract award notice, depending on the current status of the contract award process.


2. Select the type of project you are looking for: Click on Services, Works and/or Supplies to obtain calls for tenders. Click on Grants to obtain calls for proposals.


3. Submit your query by clicking on the "Search" button at the bottom of the page. The corresponding results will appear screen. If you wish to see more details of any of these documents, just click on the relevant title. Global forecasts are published at the begin of the year.


4. If you know the reference number of the project, you can search by entering the value to "Reference No" field.